The Cast

Sparky.  18. Lives with his life long companion, Charlie. Woof!

Charles Berkawitz. 30. A lost soul; most at home in the woods he’s a bit of a mystic at hart, the kind of guy who likes to grow stuff and build Yurts for fun. But he also thinks that’s not what a serious person does, so currently he works in the city selling newspaper subscriptions on the phone.

Lionel Van Horn. 29. Compulsively verbal, and prone to rants and publicly acting out his internal dialogs – If you knew Lionel you would not be surprised to see him in the street talking loudly to himself, or objects.

Leslie Van Horn. 31. She drives a vintage Jaguar that she grooms and keeps like a pet. She has a nice upscale condo box full of nice condo box stuff, and a new psychology practice just starting up. Oh and there’s a sideline in soft drugs for kicks. Leslie is unwilling to admit she can’t do everything – have her cake, and seconds, with a nice scotch after that. Thing is all the stuff she’s been doing, it’s all about stuff. Dad stuff. Judgemental ex stuff. She’s caught up in stuff to try to forget stuff. Sometimes it takes a gun shot to make you sane.

Dan Bernstein. 32. ‘Agent Dan’, was the king of party time when he was a kid, and he’s still good at that. Very likable, a mild mannered gear head who reads more than you might imagine, he’s very good at making others feel good about themselves and setting an easy tone in the room. A couple of years ago Lucy wrapped a leg around him and now they have a little sprite, Zoe. He’s lucky Lucy lets him play bad boy still, but the clock is ticking.

P.J. 31. an Amazonian orange haired free spirit who lived down the road from and always had a big crush on Charles. She also had a thing with Dan, but it was not what everyone thinks it was. She’s a traveller. Committed to a romantic notion of life on the road. For the last few years she’s lived her dream,  never settling long in one spot. It has been a magically engaging existence, but also with a knack for getting her into trouble. Luck was on her side, for a while.  But it does not totally turn against her.

Gary Greenberg. 50. A burly man with bulging eyes and a toothy grin. An old school biker he rides around on a vintage Ducati Super Sport. But he’s more than he appears to be at first glance.

Kalie. Likes to feel special, magical. In small town Ontario she was the most adventurous tomboy left in town.  It was comfortable at home but at 23 she’s getting too old to be living with the folks and she wants to be in the big city. Be magical and in love and alive. Her first week in town she finds a sketchy job, and that dark boy again, Lionel, the one the freak Charlie was friends with. This could be exciting.


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