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Updates and on the desk

Hey all, work proceeds at an OK pace, though some drama is looking likely to mess with my plans for this summer.

Trying to not think too much about unexpected funding issues with my grant: loaned a portion on the faith I would get it back now, but this is looking in doubt. I’m trying to be hopeful but it puts my plans to spend the summer ONLY working on Dream Life in doubt. At the very least i need to split my attention and go back to hustling for more freelance work in case.

That might have been taken care of by a largish paying sci-fi film related job for the later half of the summer that I was offered, but this too has fallen through for this year. Liked the story so I hope it happens later. But also proved to be a distraction when I didn’t want one and now an unrewarding one, so that’s a bit annoying. Sigh, life of the freelancer.

JUST ONCE, I’d like for something to go off without a complication.

Making the best of the opening, Mark and I are moving up plans to launch a Kickstarter fund to get Son of the Dragon off the ground. If all goes well we’ll be able to work on it this winter.

And of course, a heads up to all my regular visitors, I’m available and in need of freelance work this summer! Hire me!

cv ici.

Just updated my behance galleries.

My home page portfolio is here, and rates are here.

As for Dream Life, I’m keeping at it. Started to send out some links and copies of Dummies to editors, comics publishers, a book rep, friends and creators for feedback. Over three weeks now since I gave people the first dummies at TCAF and so far a resounding silence in response. Trying not to read too much into that but I hope I start hearing back from people soon.

Here’s a peek at the next scene in the works.

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